The new generation K550 MKII

The K550 is a high-end closed-end design flagship headset released by AKG in September 2011. It has the good noise isolation of the enclosed headphones and also realizes the large sound field of the open headphones and excellent spatial dimensional expression. It has become a classic in the memory of many fans. Read more please visit: After a lapse of four years, AKG finally launched the second generation K550 MKII for the popular K550.

Reinforced in the basic configuration of the previous generation, using the newly developed dynamic drive unit with diameter up to 50MM, it uses an optimized high-purity aluminum voice coil and high-strength lightweight PET diaphragm, which is not only easy to drive but also Have a stronger reaction speed and transient performance. The headset will be launched on the official website of HARMAN on December 10, and the price is 26,800 yen. The overall price is not the average price, and it is not the loss of the conscience factory.

The K550 MKII is no different from the 1st generation in terms of its appearance. It is also an oversized earmuff with a comfortable head beam that provides good wearing comfort. In order to facilitate carrying out, the 2D hinge structure is used, and the earmuffs can be rotated and folded to be conveniently stored and carried. In order to create a luxurious texture, the earphones are made of aluminum alloy in a large area, but the weight of the earphones has also increased, reaching 305 grams. For many friends who are used to listening to earplugs, they may not feel comfortable at first. A little shortcoming is that the K550 MKII has not been added to the standard of today’s thousand mainstream headphones. The line change design, the original factory uses the 3-meter OFC wire, the interface is 3.5mm, to adapt to more models, A 6.3MM audio adapter will be presented.

In addition to the new drive unit, in order to further develop the potential of the drive unit, the K550 MKII adopts a ventilation design to adjust the air circulation inside and outside, which helps to improve the tension during diaphragm movement and can be combined with the bass reflex hole. The frequency dives lower and increases the low frequency. Other specific parameters of the earphone are 12Hz-28000Hz frequency response range, 32-ohm impedance, and 94dB/mW sensitivity.

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