Fashion trend headphones recommended


The WH-CH400 is a wireless Bluetooth stereo headset. The overall design of the headset is simple and stylish. The earmuffs are designed with small and earmuffs. Comfortable, the key is to choose from four stylish colors: red, blue, gray and black. Color, color is beautiful and full of fashion, easy to create your own fresh trend.

The WH-CH400 has a compact, lightweight 30mm drive unit with Bluetooth version 4.2 for direct wireless Bluetooth connectivity, as well as basic operations such as play, pause and volume control directly on the headset. In addition, the WH-CH400 also supports NFC function, which can be easily connected to devices with NFC function, which is simple and convenient. It is worth mentioning that the WH-CH400 has a weight of only 107g, but has 20-hour battery life.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT

BackBeat FIT is also a sports wireless Bluetooth headset with five colors: pink, blue, military green, pearl white and fluorescent green with black. The five colors are colorful and colorful, fully demonstrating your own personality choices and highlighting the fashion trend. The body weighs only 24g, has IP57 waterproof and dustproof specifications, can operate at a water depth of 3 meters for at least 30 minutes and joins P2i military-grade nano anti-sweat coating, which can resist sweat and rain and can be directly washed with water after exercise.

To ensure safety during the sport, BackBeat FIT adopts a semi-open design. It can also hear ambient sounds when listening to songs during sports. It is most suitable for street running, cycling and mountain use. It can be alert and the headband is made of reflective material. Can improve visibility at night. BackBeat FIT has a built-in 13mm drive unit, which is a relatively large unit. In terms of sound performance, the vocals are clear, the low frequency is enough, and listening to pop songs is not a problem.

 FiiO FH1

FiiO FH1 is available in four popular colors of black, ice blue, grass green and Chinese red. It is full of youthful and lively, adding a touch of bright color to life. In addition, the whole machine adopts nano-spraying technology, and the outer layer is coated with UV. The elliptical shape is decorated by a very fine electroplating bright strip. In the anti-scratch and wear-resistant, the touch is comfortable, the metal texture is also born, no matter the value of the face. There is still a high degree of force.

The FH1 earphone adopts the popular one-turn-and-moving iron hybrid unit design. The moving iron unit is the 33518 moving iron unit of Lou’s, which can bring richer musical details and delicate music performance. The moving coil unit uses a polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm unit with a diameter of 10 mm, which is responsible for the low frequency. In addition, the FH1 is equipped with a 2.5mm balanced wire and a 3.5mm single-ended wire with wire control, which can be used according to different needs. Normally, the FH1 is equipped with a 2.5mm balanced port. The separation of the headphone channel is better, the sound field is wider, but the output power is also higher, so it is more difficult to use the mobile phone.

Jaybird X3

Jaybird X3 is a wireless Bluetooth sports earphone from the United States. As a “lust” person, of course, the first thing is to look at its color matching. It really does not expect, with red, green, black and white colors to choose from. The handsome logo is calm and calm. Especially the red one is very deep red, not bright red, low-key and a little arrogant, can enhance a lot of good feelings, fashion is also born.

X3 adds nano anti-sweat coating technology to support anti-sweat function. Even if sweating does not affect headphones, it can be used with peace of mind. The built-in 6mm drive unit, the sound bottom is thicker and warmer, the low-frequency volume is sufficient, the speed is very fast, and the songs that listen to the rhythm are very good. The vocals are outstanding, and the background music has certain details. The X3’s three-button remote control has been redesigned, and each button has a little key spacing, making it easier for users to operate and easily control music playback and answering calls. The built-in battery has also been improved, and the continuous playback time has been increased to 8 hours. It is not afraid of no power when going out.


JVC HA-ET900BT is a true wireless sports Bluetooth headset with eye-catching fluorescent yellow, purple-blue, and red colors. It is bright and colorful and has a strong black body. There is always a suitable one for you. As a true wireless sports headset, it is necessary to wear it firmly. For this purpose, JVC uses the 3-point support design on the HA-ET900BT. In addition to the common fine-tunable fixed ear flaps, it also uses a vertical outer fuselage and The elliptical inner casing is not too stiff and too tight. In addition, HA-ET900BT also has an IPX5 waterproof function, which can be waterproof and sweatproof and can even be flushed directly after exercise.

The JVC HA-ET900BT has a built-in 8.5mm powerful neodymium magnet unit. In order to reproduce low-frequency sound quality, the sealed structure is used to achieve the pure high-quality sound. In fact, the sound of the HA-ET900BT is not biased towards low frequencies, and the overall balance is good. The vocal clarity, sound field opening and detail positioning are all acceptable. In order to ensure the safety of outdoor sports, the HA-ET900BT is also equipped with a low-blind open earbud that can hear the sound of the surrounding environment and is fully humanized.

9Audio-Technica AR5BT

The iron triangle AR5BT headset wireless Bluetooth headset has been launched since its inception, and it has attracted the attention of iron powder, which is quite eye-catching. The reason why it is so eye-catching is that it has four colors with strong eye-catching ability: Turkish blue, Bordeaux red, metallic silver and graphite black. The four colors are all arrogant, competing for beauty, especially the Turkish blue and Bordeaux red, which is very strong in CP. There is a faint momentum to be a couple of headphones, and the rate of returning is full!

The AR5BT uses a 45mm drive unit to provide high frequency and fast response low-frequency playback. As a wireless Bluetooth headset, the AR5BT has a built-in NFC module. A mobile phone with an NFC function can be quickly touched by touching the left side of the earphone. At the same time, AR5BT’s Bluetooth also supports apt-X and AAC two Bluetooth audio coding standards, which can provide a better quality sound experience. In addition, the AR5BT’s battery life is up to 30 hours, which means that if you continue to sing songs, you may have to wait until two or three days before you have no electricity, and you are not afraid of running out of play.

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