Beats and AirPods headphones

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, all industries are no longer self-sufficient, and they are developing desperately. Of course, the audio industry is also developing rapidly. Whoever stays in thought, it is possible to be eliminated and crushed in the history of the car. Your Majesty will never turn over. In the past few years of development, I used to only look at bose and Sony in the Bluetooth headset. Now my old thoughts need to be changed. Many other brands of Bluetooth headsets are also very good and worth recommending.

Beats Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones Beatsx

Beatsx is the Bluetooth in-ear headphones that Beats introduced in 2017. Until now, Beatsx has six color schemes: matte gold, matte silver, matte black, white, gray, and blue. It is rich in color.

Beatsx and Urbanse have a similar look and are called “Bluetooth ub” when they were first launched. Like Powerbeats 3.0 and Solo 3.0 wireless, Beatsx is also equipped with an Apple W1 chip that can be quickly adapted to Apple devices. Just turn on the headset and bring it closer to the iPhone, and you’re ready to go.

Beatsx’s wire uses a uniquely designed Flex-Form headphone cord that is not a traditional plastic + rubber texture, it is more like a silicone composite. When you are not wearing it, the magnetic suction button can hold the earplugs together to prevent the earphone cord from being entangled. It is not easy to lose the hanging neck when not in use.

Beatsx enables simultaneous connection and seamless switching of devices. The official claim that the Beatsx battery can last up to 8 hours. Beatsx uses Fast Fuel technology to charge for 5 minutes for 2 hours. The fast charging technology greatly improves the portability of the headphones. Most Bluetooth headsets require a wake-up process after a one or two hours of standby time, to automatically shut down to reduce power consumption, or to go to sleep. The Beatsx will pick up the music after 1 hour of standby, and will immediately enter the playback state, almost no stay, and then use it to maintain smooth listening to music after standby.

The Beatsx cable is also equipped with Remotetalk control, which is identical to other beats headphones and can be fully adapted to Apple devices. It can be used to answer calls, play pause music, switch songs or activate Siri, etc. It is extremely convenient when driving, cycling, running, outdoor sports and other scenes. Wireless Bluetooth headsets don’t have any cable problems, but in reality, wireless transmission must be at the expense of a portion of the sound quality. After the Beatsx is equipped with the Apple W1 chip, the Bluetooth performance has been greatly improved, and the limitations of wireless have been solved fundamentally in terms of adaptability and sound quality.

Beatsx’s noise isolation is optimized. At the same time, earphones with different sizes of earplugs are included with the earphones, which can fully satisfy the comfortable fit of different ear shapes. After replacing the “shark fin” earplugs with silicone sleeves, the headphones have high wearing stability, and even if you wear headphones to do some strenuous exercise, the headphones will not fall easily.

The launch of beatsx provides a choice for beats Bluetooth headset enthusiasts, which is a cost-effective option for enthusiasts with limited budgets.

Apple AirPods

Apple airpods Bluetooth headsets were released in 2016, AirPods compatible with Mac (macOS 10.12), iOS devices (iOS 10) and Apple Watch (watch OS3), which use standard Bluetooth enhancement technology and Apple’s unique near-field matching technology. Seamlessly connect your laptop, iPhone and even Apple Watch with iCloud. Of course, it is also compatible with the standard Bluetooth protocol, and Android partners can also use it, but the smoothness of matching does not reach the optimal level.

The lineup of AirPods is very strong and white, and the two headphones are connected to the charging base by magnetic force. It is worth noting that the positions of the left and right earphones are different. Two AirPods headphones are charged by a metal shock at the bottom of the charging box.

The main shape of the headset continues Apple’s white headphones, which is the style of Earpods. However, AirPods has two more openings in the small details. There are pickup microphones under the handles. AirPods also has many unique features in sound processing technology. The sound accelerometer and beamforming microphone are used. The headphones can be correct. Understand the user’s current state to reduce noise interference.

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